Our jumbo lump crab cake sandwiches are always handmade! Typically they are made within two days of the start of each festival or event we attend. Frequently we have to make more during the event if the weather is perfect and the crowds are larger than expected. The recipe is directly from Sherri's Crab Cakes of Camp Hill, Pa. where they have been producing an excellent authentic East Coast Crab Cake Sandwich for over 18 years!!

For those of you that are "from Maryland" and really know what a crab cake is suppose to taste like - we are the real deal! From Florida to Decatur, Illinois to all sorts of festivals in and around Cincinnati we have thrilled taste buds with Sherri's Crab Cakes and have never disappointed anyone regardless of where they were from.

We use only natural ingredients that is comprised of real jumbo and regular lump crab meat, mayo, crackers, eggs and a variety of spices. We do not use artificial crab (fish), peppers, onions or other fillers to beef up our crab cakes. It is not needed and the flavor shows. Each crab cake is comprised of around 70% crab meat so you will be thrilled with every bite. When served on a bun (if desired you can go Au Natural) we like to use a Honey Bun (yellow bun) that enhances the flavor because that type of bun is nice and soft vs. a flour bun that tends to be dry and/or bland.

To top off these fabulous crab cakes we offer another Homemade item made by "G-Ma" Ora Lee Wood (my kids grandmother) called Remoulade. Designed for crab cakes and shrimp it is like Tarter Sauce with an attitude! This is a sauce that is so good a customer in Illinois said, "If you put that sauce on a boot I would eat it!"

We typically offer ice tea at festivals that allow it.

Our other specialty item is freshly squeezed lemonade shakeups. This has been a huge hit as we make them the right way. We use three ingredients: Water, Sugar and Lemons that are freshly squeezed to order. NOBODY makes better lemonade shakeups than A&A Concessions!